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show you a simpler way to learn private business accounting, gain control of your finances, and make more profit!

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Madeline Bailey consistently ranks as one of Intuit's top-rated Advanced Desktop, Advanced Online, and Enterprise, Certified Professional Advisors in the greater Seattle, WA area. If Intuit offered more certifications, she'd have those too.

We bring our services to your place of business! For other clients, we offer remote consulting services and/or we travel. We ask for four hours minimum for new clients so that we can get to know you and your business.

Our policy is to be paid on retainer, or in full at time of service. We accept cash, checks, paypal, credit cards, and crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin and etherum).

Credit Cards accepted here with a 4% transaction fee Bitcoin, litecoin and Etherum accepted here with a transaction fee Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherum accepted here with a transaction fee

Our goal is to be lightworkers and trustworthy while empowering private business owners to make more profit!

Tel: 206-832-5485

Email: bailey@qccomputing.com

About Madeline Bailey

A premier private business analyst with 22 years of PC expertise, Madeline began her financial career as a computer programmer for SSG Accounting Software (a Peachtree competitor). She next worked as a software developer creating the world's leading cancer-research software, and then as a manager for a government IT department, managing programmers, hardware techs, a call center staff, and statisticians. It wasn't until 1991 that Madeline joined her husband as managing partner of their own software publishing company. Frustrated with the lack of financial visibility offered by the company's manual income & expense tracking system, Madeline implemented QuickBooks Accounting software for DOS and profitability soared!

Word of her success spread and soon the SBA and entrepreneurs were asking if she could do the same for them? In her private life, Madeline was having a spiritual transformation that opened the door to accepting a new vision for her work life—help small businesses use technology to help, not hurt people, and make more profit. These serendipitious events opened another door to starting QC Computing LLC in 1997, a consulting firm supporting technology for small businesses in a wide variety of industries.

While working as a expert in QuickBooks Software for CPA's and Fortune-1000 firms, and as a private accountant and business analyst to some of Silicon Valley's wealthiest individuals, Madeline noticed was a communication gap between some accountants and their clients.

To empower business people financially, Madeline developed an entirely new, more intuitive approach to teaching accounting. Now in its second printing, with audiobook and kindle editions too, Radically Simple Accounting is popular with entrepreneurs and their bookkeepers, small business owners, business people, wealthy and not wealty individuals too.

Madeline holds a B.A. in Management and is an occassional speaker Click here for Presentations and other PR news.

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Seeking Full Charge Boookkeeper Assistant

If you are interested in working as an assistant to Madeline, and as a full charge bookeeper to QC Computing clients, please contact us. You must be local, with some software experience in QuickBooks, some accounting knowledge, and part-time availability during normal busines hours. This position is all about learning and growth.

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