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Client Testimonials

Our strict policy regarding client privacy is one of our core principles and highly coveted in the world of finance and technology. These clients have chosen to share their names and testimony with you.


" Madeline has worked for me for many years now. Initially I brought her into help me prepare for income taxes. She did such a great job that I started having her do cleanup and bank reconciliations from time to time. Next we made the shift to having her help me with the day-to-day office management. Eventually she became my CFO. I trust Madeline explicitly. Her intelligence and passion in what she does, and the way she does it, is the reason why I like working with her. I'm a big picture kind of guy so having someone who is detailed oriented is very helpful. I can talk to her about financial decisions. She knows how to improve the profit, increase how much I get to keep for my own life, and create systems that make it so much easier. Now that I get to spend more time with my family, I have to say that Madeline has made a big difference to my business and my family. "

James Santerelli, Owner
Confidential Data Disposal
Sammamish, WA


" First time you came here it was a mess but now you have me more organized than I’ve ever been in 30 years. I finally have my ducks in a row because I know what’s going on. Your reports are fabulous. You made the P&L so simple to read. After I get all the financial reports I want from you in the mail, I can tell what’s going on---income, expenses…boom! "

Robert Jarvis, Seattle Investor


" After having lost a wonderful bookkeeper, I went through many bookkeepers who messed up my books something terrible. It's a little more complicated than usual because I have multiple companies that interact with each other but still? Thank Goodness for Madeline and Dana for cleaning up an unbelievable mess. In one year alone, our tax liability has been relieved substantially. Plus, because we now know what's going on our profits are up 21%. I and my team are looking forward to the future. "

Renee DiBello, Partner
The DiBello Real Estate Group Keller Williams Realty, Kirkland, WA


" When Madeline started, I was shifting my business from paper & pencil to computerized accounting. Madeline was never dismissive of my previous efforts. She was very professional even though we were working at the kitchen table while my showroom was being built. I felt confident and comfortable discussing my business options with her. I want my accounting to be perfect, plus perfect government compliance. Madeline and Shelly cover a broader spectrum with me being able to bring in Madeline when I have financial analytical concerns and Shelly doing the routine bookkeeping. I feel very organized. I've had the opportunity to grow the business plus now take weekends and vacations off to be with my family. I highly recommend Madeline & Shelly for your small business accounting solution. "

Petr Gvozd, Owner
Window Fella's Windows & Doors.


" Madeline has been helping us with our accounting for a couple of months now and I can truly say she is worth the money we've spent aquiring her services. She is detailed and knowledgeable about accounting practices, especially the use of Quickbooks. She has helped us with getting our Profit/Loss & Balance sheets accurate so that we can make better business decisions in the future. Madeline has also provided me with one on one training so that I know what tools and shortcuts to use in Quickbooks, which in turn has given me the confidence to get our books accurate. I am looking forward to working with her further since I learn something new about Quickbooks and accounting every time she shows up. I am confident that our company will be even more profitable with her help. "

Tania Delbrune, Manager
Beeline Tours, Seattle's Finest Charter Bus Rental Company


" Maybe if I didn't know Madeline I'd think she was expensive, but she is worth way more than she's charging me. She makes it all look so simple, while getting the exact results I'm looking for. She puts my mind at ease, which allows me to focus on the business. A++ QuickBooks support. "

Sam Ararat, Owner
Ararat Insurance Services


"Starting my first company Bitcoin ASIC Hosting has been the most challenging task I've undertaken. Between filing properly for state and federal licenses, staying on top of my taxes, and balancing my books, there were several times that I felt confused, lost, and overwhelmed. A long-time friend recommended Madeline Bailey of QC Computing to help me adjust to being a business owner and get organized. It has been one of the best decisions we've made as a company.

Madeline is very friendly and knowledgeable about QuickBooks. She helped me setup a proper QuickBooks Online account that fit my business structure. She was very skilled in showing me what to do in creating accounts and organizing expenses. She also helped me create an effective system to sort our business documents and contracts. Because of her work, I have more time to dedicate to customer service, sales, and innovation, versus struggling with internal record keeping. I definitely recommend Madeline to anyone wanting to stay ahead of the curve in handling finances or starting a business; she is an invaluable resource."

Allen Oh, Co-Founder and Principal
Bitcoin ASIC Hosting & Bitfund LLC


"My system was crap. I was doing the bookkeeping myself and not sure whether to use QuickBooks desktop or online edition. I needed some advising and some guidance. so I tried a couple of QuickBooks consultants and a CPA who didn't really help me the way I wanted to be helped. I brought in Madeline and she's been perfect. She helped me get my inventory accurate, showed me Quickbooks tools, and created professional reports. Wither her advice and guidance, I have successfully taken my business to a new level.

I will be using her services in the future. I recommend you use her services too. "

Alexksey Mulyugin, Owner
Wholesale Gate Opener


"Being a small business, it's crucial to have adequate accountability. After struggling with different bookkeepers and accountants, I met Madeline Bailey. We discussed her coming in to improve the way I do business. Her work has been the key to the success I have encountered this year. With her guidance, approach, and know-how, our business has grown two fold. I project that with her assistance we'll grow five fold this coming year. Good accounting = Good business. Good accounting = Madeline Bailey. "

Francisco Hernandez, Creative Director - Owner
Built for Man
Best Fashion Label of the Decade, Seattle Magazine
Best Designer Eastside, 425 Magazine
38 Reasons to Love Seattle, Seattle Metropolitian


"Our new CPA called into question work done by the last two CPA's, so we decided to bring in a QuickBooks expert. Madeline said we had an accounting problem. She straightened out our Profit and Loss Report, and Balance Sheet, and helped us verify the accuracy of our numbers. In one afternoon! It was such a relief, we talked about her coming back, but she suggested that we wait and see, because she thought we were fine. If you have a problem, bring in Madeline, and gain peace of mind."

Jim Ellis, Partner
Mike Eberts, Partner
Wireless Partners Inc.


"Madeline is extremely talented and knowledgeable, and equally important are her skills as a teacher. I gave up on QB four years ago because I never learned it properly. Madeline got me back on the horse and now I'm empowered with my business finances in a way I never was before. Also, her book "Radically Simple Accounting" is a great resource--something I'll refer to often. Thank you, Madeline!"

Debbie Lacy, Life Coach
Creator of "The Money Mindful Way"


"Madeline worked for our business from 1997-2001, before she moved to Oregon to write her book. She left the accounting in perfect order. I thought it would be easy to carry on. Six (6) years later, having attempted to work with 3 CPA's and 2 QuickBooks Professional Advisors, I had reached the point of desperation. I'd send them paperwork and they'd lose paperwork. I'd call after a long time to find out that no work had been done. The financial statements they did produce contained gross errors and mis-categorizations. I couldn't understand why these professionals were having such a hard time? Madeline had made it look so easy. I was at the point of waking up in the middle of the night in a panic, when I received the announcement that Madeline had published her book. I read Radical Accounting, gave copies to friends who complained about their business finances, and am now using it as a reference guide. It's relevant, unlike most accounting books, which are unreadable. I would have paid Madeline any amount of money to come back and help us with our accounting. Thank God she did come. I'm regaining control of our finances again, as well as my peace of mind."

Denise Cruz, Partner
Cruz Brothers Locators


" Madeline saved my business a lot of money. Bookkeepers do not understand everything and I'm not from the US, so the problems were piling up. Madeline fixed QuickBooks, explained how to put everything in order, prepared state taxes, helped me outsource payroll, recommended a hardware tech, recommended a business lawyer, showed the bookkeeper how to account for my heavy equipment, and explained ways to legally pay less in taxes. She created reports to help me grow the business. At first I thought she was expensive, but necessary. Now I see that she has saved me a lot of money. I recommend Madeline's services to other business owners."

Cesar Lara, Owner
CA Lara Construction, LLC


"Being a bookkeeper is a huge responsibility. It can be really scary. And because the previous accountant wasn't answering my questions, I was put into a position of second-guessing alot of my work in QuickBooks. My manager brought in Madeline as the new accountant. At one point during her first visit, she said, "Don't worry. You are my 150th client. I know exactly what to do." My manager looked at me and we both laughed, because we felt safe. Madeline involved us both in fixing the chart of accounts, so I really understood where to post transactions. She taught me how to create a filing system from scratch that was connected to the chart of accounts. Pretty soon I knew where a piece of paper was located before I got out of my chair, which saved me time and stress. Madeline worked with me until the A/P and A/R were perfect. Eventually, I was reconciling the bank & credit card accounts. Madeline's teaching method was simple: She listened to every question I had, and answered it with a smile. Besides that, she helped me understand how to do my job better. I believe if you work with Madeline you will become more successful, both financially and by finding your inner strengths."

Kelly Pommachan, Bookkeeper
Econolube Auto Tune & Repair


"Our first year running a telecommunications contracting business, we had QuickBooks Contractors Edition and we had customers but needed some high-level accounting guidance to deal with all of it efficiently. Now, thanks to your no-nonsense help, we are moving into our second year feeling 100% confident!"

Sandi Roberts, Office Manager
Mohr Solutions, LLC


"Madeline is one of the most competent business professionals I have ever hired. She efficiently organized my office. Her advice is always helpful. She has given me 200% more than I paid for."

Don Collett, Owner
Shoreline Precision Machine Shop


"Within our successful marketing company, there was a lot of frustration with our bookkeeping and record management. We attended seminars, hired a QuickBooks consultant who was unable to help us, then hired a C.P.A. who rejected us apologetically because he was also not able to help us. Thank God! I received a mailer from QC Computing. Madeline came out to our company and during the first hour made a drastic improvement! It was a breeze for her to assist us with our nightmare. QC Computing will always be our choice when it come to QuickBooks assistance."

Lorinda Marie Farfan, Office Manager
CastleRock Productions


"Your brilliance has brought clarity to the paperwork, accounting and finances."

Steve Sweeters, Partner
Anderson & Sweeters Construction


"I enjoyed working with Madeline. She made learning ACT! more fun."

Aggie H. Potter, Top Banana
The Gorilla Search Group


"Since Madeline taught me to automate my bookkeeping two years ago, I can't believe how many invoices I've generated. Now, I feel like I really have a handle on running the business with the computer. I no longer waste my time beating my head against the wall, I just call for help."

Sara Brown, Partner
Pete's Outflow Technicians


"As a hardware business owner, I have elicited information and services from QC Computing for 3 years. I recommend Madeline to my customers and find her to be reliable and professional."

Peter Huemer, Proprietor
User-friendly Computing


"When I hired Madeline I was in deep trouble and she bailed me out."

Janat Dundas, Owner
Rosies Espresso Bar Cafe
Board Member, Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce


"Madeline has been assisting me for a year. She is very knowledgeable. She has been prompt in responding to me when her expertise was needed."

Rosalie Nelson, Office Manager
Blackwell Brothers Development Company


You will find many more client testimonials on Intuit's Website, and on various websites all over the Internet. As no testimonial is listed more than once, the sheer volume is heart-warming. Thank-you.




"Madeline has been providing first-class business and technical consulting services to small business for years, making them profitable and efficient."

Elza Minor, PhD., Director
Silicon Valley Small Business
Development Center